PowRlock Lever Hydraulic Pump (SF-OE00690 & SF-OE00691)

PowRlock Lever Hydraulic Pump (SF-OE00690 & SF-OE00691)

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PowRlock Lever Hydraulic Pump (SF-OE00690 & SF-OE00691) (Available) £447.97 - £460.05 Each

WDS SF-OE00690

Type - Hydraulic Pumps

Spencer Franklin PowRlock Lever Pump

Please note: Exhange unit available
All dimensions in millimeters
K-release knob (anti-clockwise to relase
M-port may be used as additional outlet
Double acting lever pumps must be installed with lever mechanism and plunger at the top - maximum tilt from vertical 30 degrees
Internal relief valve set to limit pressure to 175kg/cm2 - it is adjustable.

M.O.D Approved

The SF-OE00690 is the metric equivalent to the discountinued part number SF-OE00423, this now has M8 fixing holes and not the 5/15 "BSF holes as before.


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Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select Fluid Capacity cm3 Displacement per cycle cm3 Normal Operation Pressure Kg/cm2 Max Pressure kg/cm2 A E G Seal Kit Weight
SF-OE00690 Select 163.87 4.91 141 175 167.4 64.76 63.5 SF-4405 2820 grams
SF-OE00691 Select 327.74 4.91 141 175 237.49 64.76 63.5 SF-4405 3400 grams

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