PowRlock Hydraclamp Super Major Type (SF-1600M)

PowRlock Hydraclamp Super Major Type (SF-1600M)
PowRlock Hydraclamp Super Major Type (SF-1600M)

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PowRlock Hydraclamp Super Major Type (SF-1600M) (Available) £2,399.44 - £2,399.44 Each

WDS SF-1600M

Type - Hydraclamps

Hydraulic Operation: MAJOR TYPE 1600M
Maximum loading: 750kg 300mm from Ball
Centre at 45 degrees

The largest model in the HYDRACLAMP range, the Super Major is capable of supporting work weighing up to three quarters of a ton. As the vertical movement of weights of this magnitude is beyond human capacity the slot machine in the turret of all other HYDRACLAMPS is eliminated. This enables the ball arm to rotate between two sets of roller bearings which ensures that the work can be moved slightly if required and at all times without friction between the ball arm and the turret.
Hydraulic control of the movement in arc of the ball arm ensures that the ball arm and the turret become virtually as one. In consequence the workpiece remains immovable even under conditions of high leverage and maximum weight.
The pre-optive sleeve is still incorporated to enable any desired degree of sustained pressure to be applied and maintained. The basic unit is controlled by an angled Capstan.
Foot control is offered as an alternative and this is effected by the use of the same compact intensifi er as for the Major HYDRACLAMP.
Use plunger 6P28568 instead of 1663 with intensifier control.

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WDS No. Select A B D E F G H J K Weight
SF-1600M Select 152 267 152 248 117 229 324 203 22 68000 grams

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