Hydraclamps Miniclamp Woodworking (SF-1200M)

Hydraclamps Miniclamp Woodworking (SF-1200M)
Hydraclamps Miniclamp Woodworking (SF-1200M)

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Hydraclamps Miniclamp Woodworking (SF-1200M) (Available) £141.45 - £141.45 Each

WDS SF-1200M

Type - Hydraclamps

Technical Information
Mechanical Operation Maximum loading 6kg
300mm from Ball Centre at 45’ degrees
The SF-1200M HydraClamp is ideal as a wood working and wood carving clamp
One motion of the operating lever locks the work in any desired position. It is the ideal tool for the assembly of all light components and will hold any fitment or jig which can be drilled and tapped for mounting direct on the thread.
To reset preload, or adjust handle position, it is only necessary to slacken the adjustment lock screw in the side of the body, reposition the nut plate and lock in required new position.

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WDS No. Select A B C Descirption Weight
SF-1200M Select 125 108 97 Base Unit Only (Plates Sold Separately) 1100 grams

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