Neo-Hold Bi-Pole Gripping Magnets (WDS 5724)

Neo-Hold Bi-Pole Gripping Magnets (WDS 5724)

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Neo-Hold Bi-Pole Gripping Magnets (WDS 5724) (Available) £11.80 - £25.82 Each

WDS 5724

Type - Bar & Pot Magnets

Technical Information
• Strong gripping force with 2 poles on the same face.
• Range has threaded holes on the top face.
• Greater holding power than standard Alnico Magnets.
• Neo-Hold Bi-Pole Magnets are constructed from Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets and an Aluminium Pot.
• Maximum operating temperature 100°C.
• Supplied with keeper.

The magnet has a variety of uses, including:
• For use where high clamping forces are required and space is restricted.
• For use in positioning, holding and clamping devices.


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Thread Size Weight (Kg) Weight
5724-NH025 Select 12.7 11.6 M5 0.01 10 grams
5724-NH065 Select 16 15.6 M6 0.018 18 grams
5724-NH130 Select 22 20 M6 0.04 40 grams
5724-NH240 Select 25 25 M6 0.07 70 grams

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