Magnetic Vice Jaws (WDS 5724)

Magnetic Vice Jaws (WDS 5724)

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Magnetic Vice Jaws (WDS 5724) (Available) £5.28 - £6.76 Each

WDS 5724

Type - Magnetic Tools

Technical Information
• Eclipse Magnetics Vice Jaws can easily be attached to any vice above 110mm in width.
• No clamping is required to attach to the jaws of the vice.
• The magnet material in the vice jaws is neodymium and the surrounding material is polyurethene.
• The jaws have a broad lip to enable easy location on the vice.
• 4 vertical ’V’ grooves in the jaws securely hold workpieces up to 20mm in diameter.
• They are constructed of shatterproof, non-slip, non-scratch durable plastic.
• Suitable in matched pairs.
• Durable plastic faces.

Uses and Applications
• Secures round and irregular workpieces without damage or distortion to any type of workpiece.
• Suitable for use in engineers vices.


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select Length (mm) Height (mm) Width (mm) Weight
5724-EM983-R Select 103 32 31 130 grams

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