Magnetic Holdfasts (WDS 5724)

Magnetic Holdfasts (WDS 5724)

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Magnetic Holdfasts (WDS 5724) (Available) £57.63 - £353.76 Each

WDS 5724

Type - Magnetic Tools

Technical Information
• The Magnetic Holdfast range are made up of Alcomax 3 magnetic material.
• On each Holdfast the magnetic power is confi ned to the workface.
• Each unit is equipped with a removable ‘screw down tee handle’ to facilitate the easy release of the workpiece.
• 5724-E938 is a cube with holes drilled on 2 faces.
• 5724-E939, 5724-E940, 5724-E941 are circular and have 2 M8 holes pitched on the top face.
• 5724-E938 and 5724-E942 have plain holes (8.35mm diameter) - the user can choose their preferred screw thread - all others are M8 x 1.25mm threads.
• Maximum operating temperature is 100°C.
• T Handle release.

Uses and Applications
• The Magnetic Holdfasts can be built into workholding, handling and assembly fixtures to provide a high clamping force and positive grip.


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select Diameter Height Fixing Holes Pcd No Of Holes Max Pull (kg) Weight
5724-E939 Select 44.5 44.5 31.75 2 x M8 20 600 grams
5724-E940 Select 54 49.5 38.1 2 x M8 40 1000 grams
5724-E941 Select 70 63.5 50.8 2 x M8 88 2000 grams
5724-E942 Select 101.6 74.5 69.05 3 183 4700 grams

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