Ferrite Channel Magnets (WDS 5724)

Ferrite Channel Magnets (WDS 5724)

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Ferrite Channel Magnets (WDS 5724) (Available) £30.75 - £50.82 Each

WDS 5724

Type - Bar & Pot Magnets

Technical Information
• Ferrite Channel Magnets are shallow limpet type magnets set in a mild steel shell.
• Ferrite Channel Magnets are manufactured using ceramic ferrite magnetic materials.
• Ferrite Magnets can be used up to temperatures of 120°C.

The magnets have a variety of uses, including:
• Industrial light fitting applications,
• Bases for machine tool accessories.


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select Length Width Height Plain Fixing Holes Diam Hole Centres Max Pull (Kg) Weight
5724-E898/1 Select 115 30 13 4.2 80 8 200 grams
5724-E898/2 Select 130 30 13 4.2 90 14 250 grams
5724-E899 Select 190 43 13 4.2 110 48 500 grams

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