Magnetic Discs (WDS 5724)

Magnetic Discs (WDS 5724)

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Magnetic Discs (WDS 5724) (Available) £3.45 - £11.92 Each

WDS 5724

Type - Bar & Pot Magnets

Technical Information
• Ceramic Ferrite Magnetic Discs are ‘magnetic drawing pins’ and are magnetised multi-pole one face.
• Magnetic Discs are manufactured from Ceramic Ferrite Material.
• Highly resistant to de-magnetisation.
• Ceramic Ferrite Magnetic Discs can be used up to temperatures of 250°C.

The magnets have a variety of uses, including:
• Used in conjunction with magnetic notice boards,
• Fridge Magnets,
• Magnetic Toys and Games.


Available Sizes

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WDS No. Select Diameter Thickness Pull Force (Kg) Pack Quantity Weight
5724-CM700-R Select 14 5 0.123 10 5 grams
5724-CM701-R Select 20 5 0.175 10 80 grams
5724-CM702-R Select 30 5 0.262 10 15 grams

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