New Rose Joints from WDS offer versatile control

New Rose Joints from WDS offer versatile control


New Rose Joints from WDS offer versatile control
Leading standard parts manufacturer, WDS Component Parts Ltd., has announced the release of a new range of male and female threaded rose joints to its range, including stainless steel and zinc plated variants. Comprised of an internal bearing, a runner and a durable body – WDS Rose Joints offer a perfect solution to applications where components may require a precision articulating joint.

Rose Joints are an optimum selection where misalignment of components may occur required, such as in steering or suspension systems. Rose Joints respond to linear actuation or change in length to the strut or rod they are attached to, allowing articulation through a wide range of angles in operation. The swivelling bearing clings to the strut or rod, reacting to changes of rod positioning to allow total control at a wide variety of angles.

First used on aircraft, now Rose Joints can be found on all terrestrial and marine vehicles – while also being heavily utilised for industrial machinery applications. The swivel bearing offers increased versatility in operation compared to a clevis joint, which restricts travel to a 90° angle.

WDS Rose Joints feature a wear resistant bearing in either hardened steel, 404 or 303 stainless steel. Every Rose Joint includes a PTFE composite liner or runner, offering a low friction coefficient and self-lubrication, allowing smooth operation and minimal wear. Bodies are available in either durable stainless or corrosion resistant zinc plated mild steel. Brass bushes are standard across the entire range; with each joint offering a maximum swivel of 13° in operation.
The new range of Rose Joints complements WDS’ already comprehensive standard parts offering, totalling 20,000+ products available in stock.

WDS Rose Joints are available at no minimum order quantity, with next day delivery possible for most of the UK. Components from the WDS range can be ordered either online at the WDS web store, over the phone or via the Leeds based trade counter the business operates.

For specification, WDS also offer free 2D drawings and 3D CAD models for download on the website, allowing easy decision making for specifiers.

You can view the full range of WDS Rose Joints here, or alternatively, call 0845 606 6677 to talk to a WDS expert.