Comprehensive WDS product range continues to expand…

Comprehensive WDS product range continues to expand…


WDS is well known for supplying thousands of standard parts and machine tool accessories ex-stock, ready for next day delivery. Not content to rest on its laurels, the company continues to launch new products into the market every year based on customer feedback and market demands. Recent additions included anti-vibration mounts, set collars and wire thread repair kits.

Chris Putman, WDS Sales and Marketing Director, comments: “Our customers’ technologies are continuing to develop so it’s very important to us that we are able to develop our products in partnership with them. The company constantly strives to extend it’s existing product portfolio following consultation with our existing customers in conjunction with our own observations of market trends. Continued growth is part of our business make-up and we already have plans in place for a number of exciting new product launches in 2014.

Recent product additions include anti-vibration mounts, set collars and wire thread repair kit ranges. All of these can offer end users increased productivity and reduced wear and replacement costs.

Anti-Vibration Mounts and Bumpers

Reciprocating or rotating equipment such as petrol engines or electric motors will always produce a vibration. This vibration can damage equipment and even fatigue the operator, affecting productivity. The ability of rubber anti-vibration mounts to isolate noise and vibration makes them universally functional in machines as varied as cutting machines and process equipment to washers and commercial vehicles.

The latest additions to the WDS range of anti-vibration mounts are all made from black natural rubber with a Shore hardness of 55, bonded to bright zinc plated mild-steel plates with a metric thread for mounting. Each of the product lines conforms to differing shapes and sizes; including cylindrical bobbin mount, cylindrical bobbin cushion stop and conical shape stop. The range has been developed to cater for the most commonly requested sizes and performance characteristics, ensuring that customers can find the right product to suit their application ex stock.

Set Collars

Set Collars (commonly known as Shaft Collars) are a key aspect of any industrial design.. The concept is relatively simple and can be found in many machine tool and power transmission applications, used as mechanical stops, locating components and bearing faces.

The WDS range includes three different designs: full collar with set screw, semi split collar and double split collar. Each version is available in a number of different diameters, constructed from either high quality steel or stainless steel to ensure a precise fit, accuracy and longevity. The set collars are designed to distribute the clamping force evenly around the shaft to prevent shaft damage and to ensure that a tight connection is made with optimum  holding power.

Wire Thread Repair Kits

The WDS wire thread repair kits offer afast and convenient solution for reducing downtime and repair costs on machines and equipment that are out of action due to damaged threads. The company has launched a comprehensive kit for re-threading holes in equipment, such as machine beds, pump flanges, castings, gearbox housings, bearing mountings (et al) - quickly and at low cost. The kits can also create stronger threads in softer alloys and composite materials.

Extremely easy to use, and with no special engineering experience required, the WDS repair kit is supplied in a convenient carrying case that is compartmentalised to facilitate the selection of drill bits, taps, insertion tool and wire thread inserts. The wire thread inserts themselves are manufactured from high quality 204 stainless steel and are suitable for single, mixed and heavy duty use. They are supplied in five thread sizes: M5, M6, M8, M10 and M12.