WDS Marlco Broaches for precision cutting

WDS Marlco Broaches for precision cutting


The WDS brand is well known for its standard product range, as well as its special service bespoke designs. Marlco Broaches is also a WDS brand and is well respected for its high quality broaches for cutting keyways and grooves, suited to specialised precision engineering industries. It is also able to provide fixtures and notched broaches for IZOD and Charpy impact strength tests.

Broaching is commonly used to precision machine circular and non-circular holes, splines and keyways into work pieces that can include castings, forgings, screw machine parts and stampings. The broaching process uses a toothed tool (broach) to remove material from the workpiece to create the desired shape. As the broach is pushed through the material each tooth, which deviates slightly in shape from the tooth before it, cuts a small amount of the shape away.

Standard broaches are available in a range of shapes and sizes and in most cases are available for next day delivery. In the event that an irregular shape is required, WDS can design and manufacture bespoke broaches on request. In addition, to extend the working life of specialised broaches, an on-going sharpening and regrinding service is available.

The broaches are supplied into all types of industries around the world to businesses of all sizes: from small, independent engineering shops to multinational aerospace manufactures. Designed to perform efficient and precise machining of irregular shapes, such as keyways and splines, each broach contains a variety tooth designs to enable a range of cuts, from roughing to final finishing, to be completed in a single pass. The broaches are manufactured from tool steel and can be used on most production grade steel and stainless steel.

IZOD and Charpy Testing

WDS also supplies Marlco notch broaching for IZOD and Charpy impact strength tests. Seven interchangeable broaches produce all the main notch types accurately and quickly. The broaches are suitable for ferrous and non-ferrous materials and are simple to use on a hand or hydraulic press.

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