WDS universal joints keep industry turning

WDS universal joints keep industry turning


WDS Component Parts has launched a new range of Universal joints. Wherever an application requires the transmission of rotary motion between two unaligned shafts, WDS universal joints offer a simple and reliable solution. The steel components are available in many different dimensions and are capable of transmitting torque of up to 1,074NM at variable angles.

The universal joint, also known as the Cardan joint after Gerolamo Cardano, is a specialist coupling design that allows two rotating shafts to be coupled, even in the event of shaft misalignment. The simple design consists of two yoke ends which are positioned at 90° to each other with a connecting cross shaft joining them in the middle. The result is a rigid rod that is capable of transmitting torque through variable angles as the two yokes rotate around each other.

WDS offers its customers a range of reliable universal joints which are capable of transmission speeds of up to 3,000rpm. With shaft diameters varying from 8mm to 28mm (unit weights: 38g – 1,025g) the maximum torque spans from 33 NM all the way up to 1,074 NM. Options available include either plain or needle roller bearing. To ensure robust performance the yokes and pins are made from tempered steel. No matter what the application or the environment, the universal joints will perform reliably with minimal maintenance even when subjected to heavy use. Aside from the standard range, WDS can also provide a number of different types and sizes on request. Made to fit rubber gaiters are also available from stock to keep these joints dust and grime free.

As is the case with the majority of WDS’s standard parts, the complete range of universal joints is kept in stock; meaning that most orders can be satisfied next day. There are no small order surcharges, meaning that end users can easily order the desired quantity, from 1 to 100,000, either by phone or by using the online checkout.

Prior to ordering, end-users can find details about the exact dimensions and tolerances of the entire range and even download 2D and 3D CAD files and technical drawings from the WDS website: www.wdsltd.co.uk.

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