WDS showcases Spencer Franklin Hydraulics work holding solutions at Fluid Power Exhibition, 2014

WDS showcases Spencer Franklin Hydraulics work holding solutions at Fluid Power Exhibition, 2014



The HydraClamp range of innovative hydraulic clamping products allows users to exert a constant and precise pressure to hold objects in position during manufacturing and machining operations. Its unique design creates a 360° work bench which enables components to be moved to any orientation and then securely clamped. Nine versions are available with different clamping actions (including foot operated) and load capacities up to 750kg.

The product can be used for many different applications including woodcarving, jewellery making, prosthetic production, engine and motor assembly, PCB manufacture and aerospace component production. They can be pre-loaded prior to operation to prevent parts dropping quickly when the clamps are unlocked, reducing the risk of damage and improving mobility when adjusting positions.

PowRlock Hydraulic Rams

An extensive range of hydraulic rams and ram heads are available which are suitable for performing a number of functions including clamping, piercing, riveting, component location, gripping and lifting. The range offers precision movement and high load capacity which makes it ideally suited to many automated processes such as production and packaging.

The range is available in both single and double acting formats and can be supplied with a solid or hollow ram as required. Large forces can be generated through the rams and they can be operated at any angle which adds to their flexibility. They have been designed to offer quick installation as well as a compact footprint and are capable of achieving extremely fast cycle times.

Boosters and Hydraulic Power Sources

The Spencer Franklin range of hydraulic power sources spans from low intensification mini-boosters to high volume boosters. These boosters can be used to multiply the pressure from a simple factory compressed air supply by up to 100 times. The increased pressure can be used for clamping, piercing and riveting during production or for machine slide clamps and brakes and machine guard interlocks.

The boosters can be mounted either vertically or horizontally and hydraulic pressure can be adjusted using a regulator to ensure a constant and accurate pressure. The closed system design ensures that there are very low maintenance requirements and the range is robust and long lasting. The easy to use boosters offer instant and sustained pressure which isn't available from other hydraulic sources.

Spencer Franklin Products and Accessories

The Spencer Franklin brand from WDS offers a wide range of products and accessories which complement the ranges listed above. Hydraulic cylinders, block cylinders, power sources, tee slot clamps, rotary couplings, swing clamps and low level inline clamps are all available as well as individual spare parts. Like all of the WDS range, Spencer Franklin products are not subject to minimum order surcharges and can be delivered on extremely short lead times. For further convenience, 3D models of most of the products are available to download for free.

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