WDS adjustable levelling castors for large machine tools

WDS adjustable levelling castors for large machine tools


When trying to keep a workbench level and sturdy it's not uncommon to use a stray bit of wood off-cut or cardboard; unfortunately the same quick fix can't be used for something as critical as a machine tool. In order to operate accurately, it's often important that the bed is level, which can be hard to achieve if the floor is uneven. Fortunately, WDS offers heavy duty levelling castors that are easily adjustable and even allow for quick re-positioning when required.

The new range of heavy duty, adjustable, levelling castors from WDS add mobility and practicality to large machine tools and other heavy duty workshop accessories which require an accurate, totally level horizontal surface. The castors allow the machine tool to be positioned accurately after the initial delivery which makes installation far easier. Once in position, a die cast footpad with a vibration damping rubber pad is dropped to the floor via a nut or handwheel, allowing the user to make finite adjustments to the levelling of the machine tool.

Chris Putman, Sales and Marketing Director for WDS, comments: "The levelling castors accommodate a greater degree of mobile flexibility for large machine tools. Rather than having to position the tool perfectly upon delivery, it is possible to re-position it without the use of heavy lifting equipment. This can also come in useful during factory wash-down scenarios or during maintenance windows as it offers vastly improved levels of access and mobility."

A variety of levelling castors are available with dimensions to fit most standard requirements. Where necessary,
customised solutions can be offered. The castors feature a forged steel top plate and die cast body with a powder coated black finish; wheels are black as standard though other colours are available. The range is capable of supporting static loads up to 1,800kg and, depending on the required load strength, the height is adjusted using a spanner and nut or a finger operated handwheel.

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