Aerospace Manufacturing Showcase

Aerospace Manufacturing Showcase


Take Flight with WDS

WDS Component Parts has been supplying fixturing systems and standard parts to the Aerospace market for more than 60 years. With Blue Chip customers in this market, WDS is a specified supplier of components to the industry.

WDS regularly supplies standard components as well as more specialist products such as cubes and snap off plates for fixturing requirements.

Unlike many other C Class part suppliers, WDS also has an in house manufacturing capability where products can be designed, adapted and manufactured to suit individual requirements. This has proved to be very popular amongst Aerospace customers, providing a more bespoke solution difficult to source elsewhere.


The Devil is in the Detail

The aerospace industry is quite rightly regarded as the pinnacle of engineering in terms of design, innovation and manufacturing quality. Every required component must be manufactured  to the strictest of tolerances for supply into applications where failure simply isn’t an option.

However, manufacturing parts that are accurate to less than a hair's breadth over many metres also demands workholding, fixturing and location parts that conform in turn to similar tolerances. WDS engineers are able to work with customers through the specification stages to produce signed off technical drawings. The fixture parts are then machined and finished to an accuracy of 5µm to the meter using ISO9001 registered tooling. Prior to delivery, the parts are tested in-house using properly calibrated measuring equipment and supplied with a certificate of conformity.


Fly high with flexible design

Workholding parts - such as cubes, angle-plates and risers – are not only high value; they are also extremely cumbersome to manoeuvre and require a fair amount of storage space. Where production cells are responsible for different part runs, exchanging the workholding tools can often result in at least a day’s downtime.

WDS engineers are able to work with customers to create matrix designs that can easily be customised while in place to accommodate many different parts. This improves the work flow in most environments and keeps productivity high.

Bespoke matrix solutions from WDS are used by some of the best known aerospace manufacturers, which keeps their costs low and quality high.


Proud to be British – ‘Made in Britain’

Around the world, British engineering is synonymous with design ingenuity, quality and reliability. It’s a reputation that we, as a nation, are quite rightly proud of and it’s a tradition that WDS is happy to be a part of. Unlike many C Class part suppliers, WDS manufactures many of its products in-house from its Leeds based headquarters.

To help customers make an informed buying decision, and to promote its capabilities to the market, WDS components manufactured in the UK will now be carrying the ‘Made in Britain’ marque.

The ‘Made in Britain’ marque is managed by a committee of MDs and CEOs of UK manufacturing companies. It was formed after independent research carried out in 2011 showed that 67% of people wanted an official seal of approval to show that a product has been made in Britain.

The marque is now awarded to companies who can prove that their goods have been manufactured, or have undergone a final substantial change before sale, in Great Britain. WDS is  proud to have been awarded the marque and will strive to continue to uphold its values.

Click here for more information on WDS and Made in Britian


Bloodhound SSC Sponsorship

WDS is also extremely proud to be sponsoring Bloodhound SSC, the latest in a long line of UK teams to be taking on the challenge of the Land Speed Record.

Andy Green, the current record holder is hoping to beat his own record while also being the first man to drive a car at speeds in excess of 1,000mph. WDS has supplied bespoke-built angle plates for use as assembly jigs for the front and rear suspension to ensure that the vehicle is put together with absolute precision.

To keep up to date on Bloodhound’s progress, watch interviews with Andy and the team and learn more about WDS’s involvement in the project, visit